F A M I L Y    S E S S I O N S

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1 + hour session | in-home lifestyle or outdoor location dear to you | welcome guide | digital images


there ain't no hood like motherhood. 

Seriously, tho...


If you crave love-soaked, full of heart, images of you + your peeps... If you long for more than just the traditional shots of everyone sitting nicely looking at the camera... If you want images that bring all the feels rushing to the surface, than you've come to the right place, m' friend. We are going to make some magic together and here's how it all goes down!


+ love-soaked family sessions are taken in and around your loving home, or in an outdoor location dear to you

+ once you book, I send you a welcome guide loaded with session tips, ideas on what to wear, and a questionnaire to start getting to know you

+ our session (so exciting!) is where I will guide you the entire way through, babes. You guys don't even have to think about it. So, for any of you camera shy people, do not fret - I'll make it super easy in telling you precisely what I want you to do, all the while looking very natural and lovely. 






i love the idea of a home session, but not sure if my home is pretty / cool / charming / bright enough, ya know?

I gotcha... but hear me out - all you need is love. Trust me, it doesn't matter if your home isn't straight outta west elm. I'm on the look-out for pretty light trickling in and my plan is to bathe you in it, surrounded by your loved ones, loving on one another. How beautiful is that? A simple and honest reflection of your lives at this time. And, keep in mind, we can venture outdoors from there, to your front porch, backyard, the trail nearby, whatever. I'm cool exploring a second close-by location for a whole 'nother vibe. 

Howevaaaa... if I haven't convinced you, no worries. We can absolutely do an outdoor session. Let's make it mean something! I want your personalities to shine through. So, choose a location that is dear to you. Ask yourselves: what do you guys like doing together as a family?

will we get ANY everyone-looking, big-smiley photos?

YES! I make that a priority, for sure! I'll usually start with those smiley shots at the beginning of any given full-family pose, then my focus shifts to what makes my heart sing, and yours, too. 

k. but my kids are wild ones... how's this gonna work?

Simply. You guys are off the hook - don't worry at all about the little ones. I have a bunch of games and tricks that'll lend to creating beautiful photos. Also, in my welcome guide, I give you guys tips on easy remedies for a successful family shoot. While I'm shooting, I'll give easy direction to getting what I want, no matter what the circumstances may be. The kids'll be just fine.

when can we schedule a session and what time of day do we do this?

Gimme a shout... I schedule family sessions both mid-week and weekends. I'm currently offering only two Saturday sessions per month (weekends fill up quickly), and many more during the week.

In-home sessions are usually scheduled either right in the morning (9am to 11am start times), or then outdoor golden hour start times (2 hours before sunset). Those mid-week summertime golden sessions are perfect for most people, as we usually meet at 7pm!

how many photo's do we get and when?

Within three weeks, you'll get a private on-line gallery of all the images I've carefully selected and edited. I promise 50 photos but you'll likely get a bunch more. ;) You will be able to download these images straight to your computer immediately and you'll have permission to print them whenever and wherever you like. You can also print directly though me, and I can promise you they'll look gorgey-gorge!

hey, can i hire you for big family groups? headshots? baptisms? cake-smashes? etc...

Thanks so much for thinking of me, and I'm sorry to say no. My focus is exclusive to intimate, immediate families. This may be a couple and their fur baby or a family with 8 kids, so long as it's an intimate group of people living their day-by-day alongside each other, THAT is my jam. I've learned along the way to be honest, and listen to my heart, so you get the very best images from me! 




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