YES. Gimme more of this. Right here. Show me your love, your embrace, the way you fit together. Let's capture your beautiful interactions - the way you make eachother laugh, how your eyes sparkle when you look at one another, and how you hold hands & dream of that little being you are bringing into this world. This is what is so addicting for me, what I love about photography, and what has me craving mooooore. 

This session, in all its moody glory, almost didn't happen. It was a foul October day, and I was considering cancelling due to the weather. Yet this beautiful couple insisted we roll with it, and I'm SO glad we did. We ventured to the Scarborough Bluffs and Marina where Evan's parents have a boat and they spend a lot of time in the summer. Despite enduring whipping winds, stormy clouds, and some light rain, these two amazing souls kept a focus so strong on one another, it warmed me to the core, making this one of my favourite maternity sessions to date.

Let's get together and capture your real, honest connections... and nothing else. No props, no arbitrary themes. Just a focus on your love, your family, your lives here and now, in this moment. You down?