new little life

Welcome home, baby boy...

My favourite kind of session, right here. The newborn days. At home. When time slows gorgeously down, and the days and nights flow together with no discernible separation, and your entire focus is soaking in this incredible person you've made!

Here's where I love to come in and capture your babes delicate features, his personality traits, the way he sleeps with arms raised, furrows his brow, or the way he stares up at you while in your arms, for you to remember. 

Christmas Minis 2017

Hey guys! With Christmas just around the corner, and holiday cards now sitting pretty on mantels, I wanna share some of my favourite photos from this years holiday mini sessions!

My aim, always, is to give you FREEDOM. During my mini sessions, you are FREE from artificial props to distract from feeling connection, or constrict movement. No stiff posing, I pinky promise! You are FREE to allow your personalities to shine, your love to flow, and your laughter to bubble over. You are FREE to enjoy these images long past boxing day, and display 'em all year round! You know why? Because it's purely YOU guys + your love.  

So, without further ado, here are some images that showcase your love and joy, in a gorgeous tree farm setting! 

If they speak your language, and you wanna know more for next year, keep reading, my friends. I'll let you in on all the lovely details on what to expect from the process, how YOU have creative control in the card design, and how to hop on my "down-low" list for next year!

Also, I wanna say THANK YOU! To everyone who came out for this years mini's, to everyone who booked with me at any point over the course of the year, and to anyone who even enquired about booking with me. THANKS SO MUCH! It truly means a lot. And, for those of you who ever think of booking with me, I'd LOVE to make some photo magic happen with you!

Merry Christmas, lovies!

K, so what's included, might you ask?

Well, let me tell ya, babes, cause it's quite the process. My mini's aren't your typical wham-bam-thank-you-man, kinda deal. I start off long before our session to make the most of our time together. You'll get a questionnaire so I learn more about you + your peeps. You'll get a bunch of prep tips + tricks specifically designed for mini sessions! And, you'll also get a what-to-wear guide... which I switch up based on the setting I'm shooting in.

On the day of the session, you get 20 minutes of me working to make you FEEL comfortable while you LOOK beautiful, and draw out those natural smiles, love, and laughter. I'm all about genuine and simplicity... I feed off freedom - both mine and yours - to capture lovely moments the best way I can!   

After our session, I carefully curate your gallery to approx 35 images which I fully edit and deliver to all of you within 2 weeks. You select your top  5 images included - which will grace your cards, and which you'll receive the high-res digital files to. Of course, if you want 'em all, they're yours at an affordable gallery upgrade. 

Then comes the FUN part! Included in my Christmas Mini's are 25 gorgeous 5x7 Christmas cards, FOLDED - so they sit pretty on your loved one's mantels! You're sent a private online Xmas Card Collection with loads of design styles to choose from. These can be mixed and matched, and we work together to create a card you love! 

I guarantee shipments by Dec 1st so you've got plenty of time to address & mail 'em out for your near + dear to admire all month long.

Have a peak...

There's sooooo many more card design options to chose from and tinkering is limitless. These are just a few!

Ok, party people, if you're interested in being notified - in advance - for next year's Christmas Sessions, please shoot me an email with "Christmas Mini 2018" in the subject line. I'll be announcing all the deets to past clients + those interested, prior to my general public announcement. Since I only have a limited amount of sessions that I book, in order to ensure a smooth turnaround for galleries, card design, and ordering / shipping... with a promise of a delivery before DEC 1st, sessions book up quickly and I do not open up more space once they're gone.

So if you want in for 2018, lemme know, love, and I'll be sure you're on the secret announcement list.  

Cheers to family and fun and documenting your love from the heart!!!




Holiday Sessions

If you desire love-soaked family photos, with your faves printed in a rad 5x7 christmas card bundle to mail out to your near + dear, this has got your name written all over it!

I wanna celebrate you + your family. A years worth of love, laughter, hard work, adventures, and growth... and wrap it up in beautiful images that are true to you. 

How we gonna do this in 20 minutes?! Well, m'friends, besides starting off with a questionnaire diving deep into what's uniquely important to you + your crew, I'm gonna focus on what I always crave; honest + beautiful moments. So, while there won't be any christmas-y props, you will be set amongst evergreens, marking the season we're in, as I work at drawing out your love + connection + all dem pretty smiles. And, don't you worry about the kiddos - I come with bribes (read: pressies) to keep their attention the whole way through! 

So, let's DO this! E-mail me at to book. A $100 deposit will hold your time-slot, and keep an eye out for some goodies sent via email in the form of fun-filled questionnaires + tips on how to prepare for a killah session + ideas on how to dress.

Also, if you want more images, I do offer upgrade's to receive the full gallery which you can decide later. AND if you need more cards, you can upgrade those, too.

Now, for the nitty gritty: spots are limited, folks. Half day availability on the Friday and a full day on the Saturday. Rain date: Sunday Oct 22. Once these reservations are gone, unfortunately I won't be opening up any more space for mini sessions. Howevaaaa... for those of who'd prefer a longer session, I have a little something for you. Book a full family session by the end of the week for October + November and you'll also get a bundle of 25 printed Christmas Cards!

k, jump on it!

home, with you

love + connection in and around your home. there is nothing better, m'friends. 

I just want to play. Explore. And, allow YOU guys to do the same! Be your carefree selves and enjoy one another... have fun and love on one another, while I capture it all. Because that's what this is all about, right? LIVING life. LOVING one another. I'll be sure to be on the look-out for pretty light, in and around your home. I'll set the stage for lovely photographs, but I allow - and encourage - REAL moments to happen. So you, and your children, can look back on these images with all dem feels. The heart and soul of HOME. 


heart strings

H O M E   ... tuggin' on my heartstrings the whole session through.  

One minute he plays the guitar and sings a lovely croon while mama holds her baby dear... the next she's laughing at his humorous antics... in between there's snuggles + coos + feeds + diaper changes. 

This is home. Welcome, Edie girl!  

If you dig these vibes... if your heart yearns for genuine, loving images of you + your crew at home, I'd love to hear from you. I'm all about photographing families at home, where you and your babes feel the most comfortable, where your personalities shine, and where you all grow.

So, gimme a shout, love, let's talk about your session!

Shake it up

Pssst.... I've got some news to share.


I'm shaking things up over here for Spring & Summer!

Being a mom and a hard working lady boss, I'm constantly juggling the many hats I wear, and while I've managed to balance both mothering + bossing smoothly up until now, I've recently realized we've come to a pivotal time in my family life where i'm needed much more at home. In particular, focusing on the development of my kiddos. Without writing a novel, or getting into too many personal details, let's talk about what this means for the next little while.

From May through September, I'm taking limited photo sessions. TWO family photo session's per month! Crazy, I know! Especially in busy season when the sun be shining, the weather be warm, and colours be bursting all around us. But, this is how it's gonna be.  

SO! Two session's per month! 

I won't be doing mini's of any kind during this time frame. These'll be Lifestyle sessions - taken within your own loving home full of heart & soul with a second outdoor location close by. We can wander into your backyard, the woods, a field, or wherever you guys like to hang as a family! Or if you'd rather do the whole session outdoors, in a place that means something to you, that's cool too! As a bonus, while the majority of photos will be taken digitally, I'll be bringing my film camera along for fun, to capture some heartfelt gold on FILM!   (ps. All the photos you see here in this blog post were taken on 35mm film.)

Alright, m'friends, if you wanna get in on this, drop me a line. Once the spots are filled, I'm really sorry, but I cannot open up any more space. Right now, I'm sporting my mother hat - all wide brimmed & woven - for this season of my little one's lives. Making more time to foster and shape their growth, leaving me less time to edit, and resulting in fewer shoots. I'm actually very excited to embark on a more dedicated and structured "teaching / leading" path with the children that I've only just begun and have already seen so many improvements. 

Thanks so much for understanding and as soon as BOTH kids are in school full time this September (what! where did the time go?!), I'll be back to my regular scheduling. 

And, now I will leave you here with some film photos of my babes. 




love is all you need

TRUTH: All you need is love, m'friends! 

Your family session might be as smooth as a strawberry milkshake on a warm summer's day. Or,  it may be closer to a rocky road ice-cream, which is just as delicious (maybe even more so). The point is, expect yourselves to run a little late, for juice to spill on someones outfit, for hair not to co-operate and for tears to pour. It's probably gonna happen. Hey, maybe ALL of this will happen at once. ;) But, ya know... that's life, right? It's ALL GOOD. 

The important thing here - and what I want to emphasize is - I roll with it. I make it extremely easy to feed off my mellow vibe and embrace whatever happens. I'm all about honest photography. There's beauty in tears, in quiet moments when children are staring off into space, in getting a kiddo changed out of a soiled shirt, in comforting your baby when he's crying, in laughing with your partner at life. It makes my heart soar when I get to photograph that truth and celebrate all the many facets that make up our day to day home life.

Keep in mind, the chaotic moments don't last long. One minute a child is crying and the next they're laughing uncontrollably. And, I'm constantly on the ready to capture it all. The full, beautiful, genuine story. Who know's... if you're anything like me - that photo of you comforting your tearful baby may be the one you wanna frame. The one that pulls on your heartstrings and you happen to linger on with love filled eyes.

Just remember darlings, "All you need is love, love. Love is all you need."

If you're in the Greater Hamilton Area and you want to talk about getting genuine, heartfelt, family photos taken, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.  

New here

The renewed energy and light that fresh new beginnings seem to bring is positively scrumptious. And, so is this little ham with his delicious rolls, his gorgeous pout, and all the adoration being poured on him by mommy, daddy, and big brother. Time and time again, I'm so very honoured to be welcomed in to your homes, into your lives, to document these beautiful days.

Hello, little one! Even though you made your appearance months ago, you're new to my little space here and I'm beyond privileged to have met you! 

our entire world

When you rock a name like Atlas, you rock the entire world. Especially ours. Introducing my darling nephew! 

Something tells me he's going to have a strong affinity towards travel, and big cities, just like his mama & papa. 


These beautiful lines.... the creases and folds of skin that make up your babies fingerprints and footprints. So intricate and delicate and marvellous knowing this... this art... was created from swishing around in your womb! Imprinted forever on your child's hands, their feet, and in our hearts.    

If you crave natural and simple newborn photos that'll stand the test of time, be it in my home studio or within your own home, gimme a shout. I'd love to meet you and your crew. xo 

maternity love

Those swirling emotions that draw you two close, as the anticipation builds of meeting your baby, is something so crazy and wild. When your due date is just around the corner, and it feels both SO FAR AWAY, and yet overwhelmingly close, and you're beyond ready for your family to become three yet you're savouring the time together as a couple... it's such a beautiful, sweet, spot to be. 

Big Family, Big Love

When you meet a family and catch glimpses of both your past and your future, you leave with such a curious feeling - a heart full of familiarity with a certain closeness of revisiting a time and place so adored, and a longing for future little faces, little beings to love. Seriously, this sweet family of six makes me wanna have more babes. 

I met Ruth, a fellow photographer, at a workshop last year and we've since travelled to the west coast earlier this year to attend another. During that time, I learned so much about her life, her family, her aspirations... and so meeting her husband and children - and getting to photograph them together - was especially rad. These people share a love so sweet, and have seemly weaved this beautiful cocoon in creating their family. And, while their bonds are strong and their faith is unwavering, they encourage their children to spread their wings freely to fly on their own. 

R + D, you've got it good. Thank you for letting me in, for a little while.

Happy Mother's Day

Her warm hugs, her encouraging smile, her knowing glances... her quiet comfort. That generous comfort you seek even into adulthood, forever strong and engulfing. There's nothing quite like a mother's love. And, to have felt that love from a mom and as a mom... I can't even properly articulate what that means to me. But, what I can say, is thank you. To my mother for everything she has done for our family as we grew up, and all that she still does for my sisters and I, and our children. 

And, thank you to all the mothers who came out for my Mother's Day Mini Sessions. It warmed my heart to see you with your families, to capture the tenderness, the laughs, and the play with your favourite people. Happy Mother's Day! 



Happy 1st

Happy first birthday, little dude. Girls'll be carving their initials right next to yours in no time! 

This is how I cake-smash. Minimalistic and Stylized with your input on the cake design and flavours created & baked by MarissKiss Creative Cakes. I like to focus on your babe first and capture the baby chub that's still lingering... his thigh rolls, her dimpled hand, his chubby cheeks, her puffy feet. And, then move to the fun part - where your little one can have a go at their very own 6" round custom cake, using all natural ingredients and baked with care.

If this tickles your fancy, gimme a shout. Let them eat cake. And, while you're at it, let me photograph the whole thing going down.