Shake it up

Pssst.... I've got some news to share.


I'm shaking things up over here for Spring & Summer!

Being a mom and a hard working lady boss, I'm constantly juggling the many hats I wear, and while I've managed to balance both mothering + bossing smoothly up until now, I've recently realized we've come to a pivotal time in my family life where i'm needed much more at home. In particular, focusing on the development of my kiddos. Without writing a novel, or getting into too many personal details, let's talk about what this means for the next little while.

From May through September, I'm taking limited photo sessions. TWO family photo session's per month! Crazy, I know! Especially in busy season when the sun be shining, the weather be warm, and colours be bursting all around us. But, this is how it's gonna be.  

SO! Two session's per month! 

I won't be doing mini's of any kind during this time frame. These'll be Lifestyle sessions - taken within your own loving home full of heart & soul with a second outdoor location close by. We can wander into your backyard, the woods, a field, or wherever you guys like to hang as a family! Or if you'd rather do the whole session outdoors, in a place that means something to you, that's cool too! As a bonus, while the majority of photos will be taken digitally, I'll be bringing my film camera along for fun, to capture some heartfelt gold on FILM!   (ps. All the photos you see here in this blog post were taken on 35mm film.)

Alright, m'friends, if you wanna get in on this, drop me a line. Once the spots are filled, I'm really sorry, but I cannot open up any more space. Right now, I'm sporting my mother hat - all wide brimmed & woven - for this season of my little one's lives. Making more time to foster and shape their growth, leaving me less time to edit, and resulting in fewer shoots. I'm actually very excited to embark on a more dedicated and structured "teaching / leading" path with the children that I've only just begun and have already seen so many improvements. 

Thanks so much for understanding and as soon as BOTH kids are in school full time this September (what! where did the time go?!), I'll be back to my regular scheduling. 

And, now I will leave you here with some film photos of my babes.