Little secrets, tremors turned to quake. The smallest oceans still get big, big waves - pearl jam

Never has this poetic lyric resonated so strongly with me. Returning from Yan Palmers YAN FAM WAY workshop, has stirred something in me… my head, my heart, my entire being’s been touched and I’ll forever be grateful to have met Yan. She is one kind, talented, humble, cool human being who listens far better than anyone I’ve ever met. She teaches with her soul. And, she’s certainly reached mine.

Now, meet Natalie and her homies. This beautiful woman graciously hosted the workshop in her heartfelt, super rad, home. These guys are the real deal. And, there’s nothing, I mean nothing, like taking family photographs at home. Where you can be chill, where you feel the most love and comfort, where most memories are made. I fell in love with this little family and this little town they call home.