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a heartfelt family photographer who delights in capturing honest, love-fuelled photographs


This wild journey you're on... this meandering road of parenthood that you are travelling on, is somethin' else... amiright? It has so far been THE best years of your life, and the most challenging. Mama, I know you've rolled in all the hopes, dreams, excitement, pride, trails + errors, and the strength it takes to be on this marvellous adventure. YOU and your partner have created this life! -- and these little people! who are learning so much from us, our love, and how we pour so much into our family, day after day. Each of our stories are slightly different but one thing I know for sure -- these days deserve to be celebrated. 

What I want for you - and for all mom's - are gorgeous moments capturing your love, delight, joy and the wonderful life you've created.

I'm a mama of two, currently living in Dundas, ON with a camera in my hand, and curiosity in my heart. Motherhood has brought out all the good and all the crazy in me, but most of all, it has forced me to be brave. It pushed me to chase this incredible dream - to capture family life in all its love-drenched glory!


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Nature and adventure burns deep in my soul. I have a day job selling travel. My middle-child syndrome is summoned by food. Eddie Vedder. We’ve got a vintage airstream that we're smitten with. Wholeheartedly a type-B personality here. Fantasies of living off the grid, disappearing from social media, and living that quiet, slow-paced life constantly swirls in my head. If I could choose any era to be born again, I'd go with the early '60's, so I can be a teen in the 70's, and rollarskate all day long with knee-high socks, a film camera dangling from my neck, and hitchhiking to the next Zeppelin concert. How 'bout you?     


photos above are credited to the one and only, yan palmer xo